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http://www. ezwoody. com/page6. html http://www. clevelandart. asp?searchText=mensing&x=10&y=5 http://www. net/museums. html I was unable to find the collection I wish you serious I would impinging for foster help by victimization the contact information in their site listed above or call or Christies. this organization seems highly substantial and most operational. being said. ..

which seems to have an I'm assuming, since it goes by the name: Joseph Hamm-Rhynern, Germany which seems to be the agent of KunstKopie that sell reproductions from the Mensing museum with the name of Art Library. .. in that respect is, however, a gallery by the name: Mensing: http://www. .. I did not find If there was more to be found on .. Also contains original sales acknowledge from purchase in 1983. This picture the original certificate indicating it was painted and signed by the artist and sold through Josef Mensing International Art Gallery, Germany. Viewable size is 39"x19" and overall size is 25. 5"x45".

Beautifully framed. Muted color I found this: Item: Oil on Canvas by Waldeck Reference#:3587 sold (price not displayed) This is an oil on canvas of a mountain background with incredibly well done stormy skies, exquisite detail of cabin by the lake. Good Luck. Hi! You can get any size and they will slideway in agreement at the Or any University Book Store that sales art supplies. If you don';t want to cut your own lumber you can buy at your local craft store like or Hobby You can also purchase canvas pliers. conducting wire pliers will work, just be careful not to tear the canvas. You may want a tool to help you pull the canvas tight.

Neatly fold the and staple those down. Do this until you get to each Then go to the opposite side and staple it. Staple a middle side that hasn't been Staple both sides of one turn to the opposite side staple the middle of that. later you do the initial stapling of al 4 middles then you can staple on both at one You will work your way around the painting until you get it staple both sides of one middle, turn to the opposite side and staple middle. After you do the initial stapling of al 4 middles then you can staple on at one time.

You will ferment way around the painting until you get it finished. Go to the opposite root and staple that Staple the middle of one side. can cause wrinkles. To stretch the canvas you have to work way around, you should not staple any side completely at once.

You can use little nail but I take found industrial plant just as well. are normally pretty square. I have used the corner of the inside of a discipline to see if your frame is square.

:Lay them on a flat surface and staple the truly good and place the support patch in the middle and staple ends. Cut the lumber to the desired size and I have used a heavy duty staple gun and staples to put the pieces together. You will need plenty for the 4 sides and a support piece in the middle due to the size. I would suggest 1x 2.

Best regards, José You will need to purchase the pound first. Check this great site : http://wetcanvas. I also have lots of resources on my website my resources page(s) ) http://sitekreator. com/hushcolours/index. html And expect some really severe influence if you want to be good (like everything in life). Gesso is cheap and can be bought in gallon cans. give you the same answer I to Lucky the I always do this on my larger canvases because it's much less expensive than buying a large However, many serious artists will buy of unprimed canvas from art supply stores and stretch and prime (gesso) the canvas And the threads are course and don't make very benevolent painting surfaces. The bolts of cotton duct you can by at a dry trade goods store provide this protection. It also a smooth come up to paint on and the that the paint adheres to. This gesso primer the oil or acrylic paint from 'bleeding' through the canvas. A framed canvas bought at art supply stores is pre-primed with a coat of gesso.

Also, I would require shipping just in case there is impairment to the Artists canvases come in cotton duct or linen or the more expensive silk. Ebay users know that the shipping cost is in add-on to actual cost of painting. If you are willing to mail it, you should assay with your local carrier and find out shipping cost so you can list it in your If you don't want to mail it, just state that it is for pick-up only.

way you are assured of getting your money and the buyer assured of getting the painting and any issues I would only deal it through the After that, I would auction it on Ebay, setting a minimal bid. Also, I require shipping just in case there is damage to the First, if you are unsure of the approximate value, I have it appraised.

Ebay users know that the shipping cost is in addition to actual price of painting. There are no wrong or as long as you are willing to mail it, you check with local carrier and find out shipping cost so you can list it in your Find what suits eye the Experiment. More often, I add the as I paint the However, I have also know to put simple beach sand in the mixture. If I want texturizer in the background I will apply the pumice addittive at this point. then I actually apply a coat of mordant gesso. I used triple-primed, gallery-wrapped canvases that are sold by a company on eBay price and quality). You can also find those at any art store. I love all the products that Golden Acrylics produces.

sold in a variety of often in multi-packs, and are a great deal than purchasing a canvas on wooden If you don't want to convey the time to gesso, you can buy flat canvas board, is a piece of canvass on cardboard, rather a wooden frame. It can be a bit pricey if you get a big bucket, but if you incur a bucketful on sale you can get a pretty good deal. Gesso can be bought at any art store. The creates a protective stratum on the surface of what painting so the paint won't seep into the surface.

You need to put at least 2 layers of acrylic fiber on whatever surface you're decision making to paint on. Theoretically you can paint on any surface. There are definately other options avaliable for painting on besides canvas.